1st Grade Math ebook

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This math ebook is intended for Grade 1 students. It is divided into 18 sections where you can find exercises involving multiplication, subtraction, shape-based mental maths, and other topics. This workbook gives children an additional maths exercise that reinforces and repeats what they learn in school, fostering the confidence and enthusiasm for maths that are necessary for academic success.


This workbook is presented to you by The Learning Apps and designed for students of Grade 1 who wish to advance in maths without being bored. Students who are already familiar with counting and the digits 1–100 are the target audience for this book. The kids get better with practice, especially when it comes to maths, therefore the Math workbook for Grade 1 is the best option for them to practice.


Price: $ 2.99

Summary: Math workbook for Grade 1 with multiple exercises and first solved solution/ answers for parents, teachers and students to understand how to do rest of the exercises.

Format: PDF – Download and Print

Number of pages: 95

Level: Grade 1