1st Grade Math ebook lite

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This is a free and lite downloadable version of the Math e-book for 1st grade. Some of the topics from our main Math workbook are covered here, so you may look at the theme of our first-grade Math e-book. Lite Math Workbook for Grade 1 is available for you and your little learner to use before purchasing the full edition of the Math workbook. Purchase the grade 1 math workbook from this page, or click the link to go to our online bookstore at https://shop.thelearningapps.com/ to browse our selection of additional eBooks.

Price: Free
Summary: Math Lite workbook for Grade 1 with multiple exercises and first solved solution/ answers for parents, teachers and students to understand how to do rest of the exercises.
Format: PDF – Download and Print
Number of pages: 13
Level: Grade 1
Find the full version here: https://shop.thelearningapps.com/math-workbook-for-grade-1/