Reading Comprehension ebook for Grade 1

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Reading Comprehension, Grade 1 is a reading workbook for grade 1 students. The workbook contains 14 short stories, each followed by exercises designed to reinforce literary skills, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing.  Answer sheets are included for all exercises.

Since most of our readers are students and teachers, we base our text complexity ratings on factors like vocabulary, average word length and sentence length, the degree of the word and sentence structure repetition, and the complexity of the subject. The average length of a grade 1 story is 30 to 45 words.

Short, simple sentences and words in large fonts are frequently used in early reading levels. Our workbook's appeal and engagement will make academic endeavours easier for your child learner. Stories touch on themes that young children are already familiar with. The reading difficulty increases with each grade.

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Summary: Reading comprehension for Grade 1 workbook with short passages, exercises and answers.

Format: PDF – Download and Print

Number of pages: 58

Level: Grade 1